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Autism Coach, Consultant and Advocate



Enabling Individuals and Families to Thrive

Autism (ASD) is diverse and complex.  Navigating the information, treatments and supports can be extremely daunting and challenging for both individuals, their carers and families.

From the moment you learn your child has Autism you are plunged into a whole new world of treatment options, education options and various support programs.

Even as your child becomes an adult, they will be trying to navigate work and independent living which can be extremely difficult for the individual and their family.

Whether you’re going through the diagnosis or have just received a diagnosis, or you’re finding the education system or services challenging to understand, a coach can help bring a fresh perspective to what can be an overwhelming period.

With lived experience managing life, education, community services, I work with the whole family in a pragmatic way so you can get your life back. 



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