You can engage me through one of my three progress below. These programs are personalised to suit your individual requirements.

I also offer additional services for schools and individuals on the Autism spectrum. 

What to use NDIS Funding?

We can provide support and assistance via the NDIS who are self-managed.  Typically our clients can claim from core and capacity building funding.

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Here for you any time

This program allows you to gain control over your situation and gather some momentum and progress on some of the complex issues you might be facing right now.  This package includes:

2 hour ‘getting started’ session

Weekly coaching session focus on immediate needs and goals

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Thinking big picture

Once you’ve progressed some of your immediate term goals or you’re not ready to invest in weekly sessions, take a more strategic approach.  In this program you’ll have the option to meet fortnightly to address specific future focused goals for the coming three months.  This package includes:

2 hour ‘getting started’ session

Fortnightly coaching sessions

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Ongoing support

You can book individual sessions if you have a particularly complex or tricky issue you need to resolve. Sometimes one or two sessions is all you’ll need if we’ve already got a robust plan in place.

This service is often used by clients who have moved from the more frequent programs and can be useful if you need specific support or advocacy at a school or community meeting.

This service is only available after a ‘getting started’ session.

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Group Meeting


One-on-one sessions

It can be an extremely challenging period for young people with ASD as they start to prepare for the work environment.  Working with a coach can help prepare them for finding options through to the interview preparation and integrating into the workforce. 

My coaching services focus on the following areas:

Identifying work options

Resume building and/or reviewing current resume

Preparing a list of target opportunities and organisations

Providing introductions or setting up preliminary discussions

Preparing for interviews 

Preparing to start a new role including working with the organisation if appropriate

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Authentic inclusion

Teaching students with ASD/ADHD can be challenging and although there are lots of awareness programs through the Education Department, as a parent of a child who has had trouble fitting into the school environment, I can bring a unique perspective to teaching and supporting kids on the spectrum.  

What I cover in these teacher awareness briefings is:

More about ASD and how it can present in the education setting

Strategies to keep kids with ASD engaged 

How to modify learning tasks to get the best out of a student with ASD

Managing expectations of the student, family/carer.

Typically these are offered as individual zoom or in-person sessions.  

All sessions are conducted via Zoom unless previously arranged for in-home or school visits.